Research project on recruitment selection in pharma companies

Project Report Recruitment and selection Findings Recruitment is done throughout the year more during the months of May-June and Oct-Nov; Huge investment of time; Huge recruitment cost; To pursue these, I would be going through the recruitment policies of the company. By active participation in the recruitment process, the areas where improvement can be bought about can be identified.

Research project on recruitment selection in pharma companies

Human Resource Management Topic: Personnel working there individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business. Every organization regardless of its size and structure need to direct its employees in order to accomplish desired business goals and objectives.

Accordingly, it develops and implements its own human resource management concepts.

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The basic functions of human resource management are divided into seven different categories. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Bangladesh with high business potential.

The local companies are seeking to expand its operation into international market, at the same time competing fiercely for the local market. Hence this industry demands the most qualified and skilled labor force available in the job market.

For collecting our primary data, we have conducted interviews of human resource personnel of leading pharmaceutical companies. We tried to find out the actual recruitment and selection practices in the industry and highlighted crucial facts and diverse practices.

We carried out detailed research on this topic and used other secondary sources such as internship reports, business articles, publications etc for data collection. Our report elaborates findings of the recruitment and selection process that is currently being practiced in the different pharmaceutical companies.

We have tried to present any variation that does exist in different companies and forward viable and logical explanation as to why such anomalies exist. Finally the findings were analyzed to make a comparative study of the recruitment and selection process in pharmaceutical industry.

We also conducted extensive evaluation of the collected data and tried to uncover the predominant weaknesses and strengths of the industry practices based on our academic knowledge. Evaluation was done against the guidelines provided in several text books. Separate evaluation results for recruitment and selection process were drawn up.

To fulfill its mission and vision, the organization needs employees who not only complete their work efficiently but also respond positively and fast to any changes that organization may have to go through to keep pace with the ever-changing external environment.

Therefore acquisition, deployment, and retention of sufficient skilled manpower are cutting edge for an organization. The pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh has an enormous growth potential. This industry has been rapidly improving its manufacturing facilities presenting the need of acquiring qualified and effective recruits for operation.

The industry is a sensitive one as it produces medicine and requires experienced and educated people from production level to packaging. A single mistake in any of the levels can prove to be life taking and ultimately lead to the fall of a company. Therefore the recruitment and selection of job applicants in this industry is very crucial and must be done with great caution.

The proposed study serves the purpose of learning the steps involved in the recruitment and selection process of this industry. Reasons and Benefits The reason for choosing the recruitment and selection of HRM activity for study is that these are activities through which applicants get in an organization.

The study will also inform us how an applicant is evaluated for hiring. This will further assist us while applying for jobs after the completion of the degree. The consideration of the pharmaceutical industry for the study is due to its growing potential in the job market.

This sector offers jobs involving data communications, marketing, branding etc. Moreover this industry has equally strong multinational and local companies.

Objective Objectives of the report contain both primary and secondary objectives. These are explained below: Primary Objective The primary objective of the study is to accomplish a descriptive analysis of the recruitment and selection process of the pharmaceutical industry.

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The study will portray the similarities and differences of the recruitment and selection processes of several pharmaceutical companies and try to identify the factors that account for such differences. Secondary objective The secondary objective is to find the problems and weakness underlying the Recruitment and selection process and to relate how the organization structure and management style relate to such deficiencies.

Methodology The study was based mostly on secondary data. Information was collected from several online resources, internship reports and other publications. One major assumption was that other pharmaceutical facilities follow the ideal framework of the studied companies.

Interviews of the HR head of ACME laboratories was taken to match for the general information collected from the literature reviews with actual practices.

Research project on recruitment selection in pharma companies

The interview also shed light onto certain issues not discussed in the internship reports and articles. After data collection, the data was analysed qualitatively and organised in order to compile them in the form of a complete and deductive report.

Scope The study is limited to the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. The report is based on literature review; attempt will be made to learn and understand the relevant processes, find similarities and differences within different companies in the industry and to identify issues that greatly affect the recruitment and selection processes.

No evaluation of the stated processes has been done.The advantages of the internal recruitment for Companies comprise minimization in cost of the recruitment, arriving the broader applicant’s pool, minimization in cycle of the recruitment, technology that may be implemented to scan the resumes and match up with the basic criteria of the  · International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, Vol.

Not what you're looking for? One was candidate movement to smaller biopharmas, which the firm said leads to higher base salaries as companies scramble to offset the loss of long-term incentives given by big pharma. Mergers and acquisitions create jobs for candidates willing to relocate, whereas the growth of big data adds positions for in-house data scientists but also results in project outsourcing to vendors that creates new markets and innovations, Smith Hanley added.
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A Project Report on Recruitment & Selection in PSSPL, a Group Company of ISPAT Group and GSHL Group (Global Steel Holdings Ltd) Masters in Business Administration Semester I Submitted at Premiere Supplies and Services Pvt Ltd Submitted By Ms.

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