Inner vs outer beauty

Simply put, Beauty can be different things to different people.

Inner vs outer beauty

What is the difference between outer beauty and inner beauty? You don't have to be a screen star to know that outer beauty matters.

Your skin, your hair, your body shape are all visual elements that contribute to or detract from your outer beauty. These may seem superficial, but they not only encourage people to make instant judgments about us, they're also important because how you look helps determine how you feel.

Indeed, looking beautiful is worth very little if you don't feel beautiful.

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There's no doubt in my mind that looking like diamonds doesn't mean squat if you feel like a wooden nickel. You can have the best hair, skin, and butt this side of Kalamazoo, but if you lack energy or your knees creak or you're sadder than a leashed kitty, then all your outward magnetism will be obscured—and fade fast.

What can keep you from feeling beautiful?

Inner vs outer beauty

Fatigue, chronic pain, and destructive attitudes, to name three things on a very long list. Now, there's a third type of beauty I like to call being beautiful. It relates to the quality and closeness of your relationships and the purpose you have in your life.

I'm not imposing morality or making judgments about what's right and wrong when I refer to "being beautiful. It's about your understanding of your life's meaning and definition. The beauty of these three kinds of beauty is that they're all tied together: Looking good helps you feel good about yourself, which serves as the foundation for developing that sense of authenticity and deeper purpose so many of us crave as we search for meaning in our lives.

These three interlocking elements—look, feel, be—work together to form what I believe is the ultimate goal in all of our lives: To feel good about yourself because you have strong self-esteem and a healthy, energetic existence that allows you to appreciate the subtle beauty of day-to-day life and, ultimately, know your purpose in life—and show off that purpose by helping others do the same.

More About this Book.Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty, which one is more important? is an ongoing debate. To me, both are important in life. However, if you want to choose only one between these two, I will stick with the inner beauty.

Beauty may be judged in numerous ways but the fact that must be established is that it can be categorized into two common types: Inner beauty and Outer beauty. Outer beauty: Let’s begin with the type which appears to be favoured worldwide due to its tempting and at times deceiving charms.

Inner beauty implies that is just not outward beauty, but a kind of aura- call it spiritual or otherwise- that you have that affects you and people around you. And eventually, if you love yourself truly, you will look beautiful.

What you are on the inside reflects on the outside. Innerbeauty vs Outer beauty. How About Make It Original? Let. The outer beauty comes from a different source than the inner. The outer beauty comes from your father and mother: their bodies create your body. But the inner beauty comes from your own growth of consciousness that you are carrying from many lives.

Mar 31,  · Outer Beauty vs. Inner Beauty: We Have it Backwards If you ask most people what they find beautiful about a person, many of them will probably begin to .

While Outer Beauty is but a temporary and fleeting illusion, Outer Beauty can be used to gain instant and temporary gratification in the physical realm, Inner Beauty is Spiritual Magic which enables the person who possesses it to enjoy permanent contentment in all realms: physical, mental, and spiritual.

What Is the Connection between Inner and Outer Beauty?