How does miller present catherine growing up in a view from the bridge essay

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How does miller present catherine growing up in a view from the bridge essay

These notes are for revision purposes. Read through them, then pick out quotations from the play that support the points being made. When she asks him when he will treat her like a wife again, she is telling the audience that Eddie is not, and has not been for some time, giving her the attention she is used to from him.

She feels as if she is being sidelined and we quickly come to see why. Beatrice is, by nature, a sensitive and emotionally aware woman. She understands what her husband is struggling with better than he does himself.

Towards the end of the play, she tells him that his feelings for Catherine are misplaced and can never come to anything.

How does miller present catherine growing up in a view from the bridge essay

Although there is conflict between Beatrice and Eddie, it is resolved by the end of the play as Eddie turns to Beatrice for solace with his dying breaths. She is not aware of the fact that her uncle, Eddie, has developed inappropriately strong feelings for her. She does not know that her growth into womanhood is problematic for Eddie.

She behaves as she always has around him, wandering into the bathroom in her slip when he is shaving, offering the kind of intimacy that is difficult for him to ignore.

She sees only that something has changed and the uncle she idolises is becoming a stranger to her.

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She is traumatised by the events in the kiss scene. Beatrice says she is constantly shaking. She has been forced to see what Eddie cannot hide from her and it shocks her.

Catherine turns on Eddie when she discovers his betrayal of the Italian cousins. This is the worst of all outcomes for Eddie, who has done everything in order to protect Catherine in his own way. Rodolfo is flamboyant and charismatic as well as good-looking. Rodolfo sings, he has unusual skills such as the ability to sew and he is a larger than life character.

All the things that Catherine enjoys about Rodolfo are the things that Eddie despises. This is his penultimate attempt to split the pair, and his desperation when it is unsuccessful leads him to call the immigration bureau and inform on the Italians.

Marco, who has been respectful towards Eddie since arriving, must intervene to show Eddie that he supports his brother, and that to attack Rodolfo is also to attack Marco.

He demonstrates his superior strength to Eddie in the chair scene. He cannot earn money to send back to his starving family in Italy if he is deported. Marco sees this as cause for revenge.

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How does Miller present ideas about justice and the law in A View from the Bridge? Essay. A. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample.

How does miller present catherine growing up in a view from the bridge essay

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